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Community and Identity: Urban Youth and Their Pursuit of a Good Meal 

Food is an essential aspect of human existence that transcends beyond physical sustenance to emotional and cultural significance. It is an indispensable aspect of every culture, playing a central role in social interactions and bonding, as well as a means of expression and identity formation. While for many of us, food can bring thoughts of joy, gratitude, and fullness, for many adverse urban youths, food can represent a source of anxiety, frustration, and even shame. Looking through the lens of the Felege Hiywot Center, a non-profit urban youth STEM Agriculture Farm, this project examines the role of community centers in addressing food insecurity and the intersection of urban agriculture, food identity, race, and ethnicity. Through that lens, this project answers what a "good" meal means for these students and how the center has transformed their ideas of a "good" meal for the better. 


FHC staff and students during summer camp 2022 (Source:

Teaching Through the Pandemic: Trials, Triumphs, and Tribulations

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